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Milk Protein Allergy & Encopresis

Behind the Name

Milk Protein Allergy
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Behind the Name

Why ''?...

Why did we decide to name our site 'after-light'? Easy. Read the definitions for the associated terms, and then read our purpose. Why, indeed. Check it out:


after-light/afterlight: emendation. improvement, re-examination, reconsideration, retrospect, review, revision...


n. An alteration intended to improve.  


n. The act or process of improving.


n. To examine again or anew; review.


n. To consider again, especially with intent to alter or modify a previous decision.


n. A review, survey, or contemplation of things in the past.


v. To look over, study, or examine again.


n. The act of revising (involving reconsideration); "it would require a drastic revision of his opinion"

The idea behind this awareness site is just that,.. to inspire the cause for reconsidering the causes behind this growing epidemic. To provide the knowledge that leads to the power to better understand and then take back the control. To 'rebirth' what we thought we knew, and help it grow. To expand awareness.
Our hope is to spread awareness about the kind of Constipation that leads to Encopresis as well as much needed awareness that encopresis can be caused by a Milk Protein Allergy,... something that for years has been drastically overlooked, and brushed off,.. ill-considered and ignored.
Support for what you can do to improve the life of your child, and how to do it.
Stop blindly treating your child's ailment. These are medical conditions, and they should be addressed at their source. Laxatives and enemas can in some cases be an effective method of treatment for the symptoms of these conditions, but they are by no means the answer  to them, and can often prove to be dangerous and cause further harm in the long run. Treating a symptom is not treating the cause. It's time we press this issue... for our children's sakes.

This site does not replace the need for specific advice from your doctor. This site is for informational purposes only.